CP Pay Merchant

Merchant Definition

A type of bank account that authorizes merchants to accept credit or debit card payments online. Serves as a contract between a retailer and a credit card processing company. 

Why Have a Merchant Account

Having a merchant account allows our clients to remove the middleman when it comes to their transactions and managing them. Their payments go directly from payment to their merchant account instead of through the gateway, to a merchant account, and then to their account. They also take less risk and responsibility when they have a merchant account, so it is a win for them all around.

Key Benefits and Competitive Differentiation

Not only does CP Pay offer convenience, but it also takes the burden from communities, and their finance and IT teams to take on the risk of maintaining and monitoring merchant processing responsibilities and vendor relationships.

With CP Pay Merchant, local governments benefit from the convenience of CP Pay. Benefits include:

  • Maintaining a single merchant account and payment gateway to process payments
  • Maintaining relationships with payment processors
  • Ensuring digital financial compliance requirements are met
  • Managing refund requests and charge-backs

CP Pay Merchant also provides:

  • Next day funding
  • Support for the latest secure digital transaction technology with Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV)
  • Smart payment transactions (chip cards)
  • Consolidated, real-time CP Pay reporting across products and third-party software
  • Set-up of recurring payments by storing customer cards on file in CivicPlus’ secure data vault
  • Ability to automatically update credit card data each night for expired or lost cards to prevent declined transactions

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