CP Pay Overview


CP Pay is a secure, PCI-compliant, standalone payment gateway integrated within the CivicPlus® Platform that local governments can use within CivicEngage, CivicRec or third-party product.

CivicPlus has partnered with OpenEdge, a third party, to develop and provide CP Pay Merchant. This partnership allows CivicPlus to offer both a payment processor through OpenEdge and the technology of the payment features CivicPlus clients seek. CP Pay Merchant will helps businesses succeed by delivering secure and personalized payment solutions.

CP Pay is built with two different options:

  • CP Pay Merchant (recommended)
    • OpenEdge
  • Other payment gateway options
    • Forte
    • Paypal
    • Braintree
    • ETS
    • Tempus
    • Converge
    • Cybersource
    • Authorize.net

Why CP Pay? 

Today’s citizen engagement model is all about convenience and simplicity. Citizens want intuitive and streamlined access to municipal services, and that includes remitting payment for everything from permits to taxes, to utility bills. To offer local governments an integrated and secure payment solution and a consistent, user-friendly experience for citizens, our product innovators created CP Pay.

CP Pay Merchant provides a critical financial data transaction need and enabling secure citizen and business payment transactions for any municipal service, all within a single, trusted and integrated system. 

CP Pay:

  • Is robust and modern enough to meet the needs of clients, while enabling an essential service valuable to even small townships and villages. 
  • Integrates with any CivicPlus product or third-party solution, providing client administrators and their citizens with the convenience of only needing to learn to utilize a single payment gateway system for all transaction experiences.

Value Proposition

For local governments, CP Pay offers the convenience of fully integrated payments, eliminates double entry, allows for staff training on a single system, and the security of housing all payment data in a single repository across all departments. With integrated data and the removal of siloed systems, local governments function more efficiently and serve citizens better.

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